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Modern vehicles are not just rolling computers, but they are rolling banks of computers. Increasingly, problems related to everything from how your vehicle accelerates to how its transmission shifts can be traced to problems with vehicle software. The old image of a mechanic repairing your vehicle by removing a grease-covered part and installing a replacement is starting to become obsolete. Many modern repairs involve a technician working at a computer communicating with multiple modules and then downloading software updates into your vehicle. Simply put, not all shops are comfortable with this new category of repair. At Butler Automotive, we love it. We have been able to save our customers thousands of dollars by identifying cases where their vehicles can be repaired through software, not parts. We are fully trained, experienced, and confident in addressing even the most technical problems associated with the alphabet soup of modern automotive electronics: PCMs, ECMs. BCMs, TCMs, EBCMs. If it's on your vehicle and it processes data, we can work on it.

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